I am a self-taught artist originally from Tasmania. I have lived for the past eight years in the beautiful hills near Mullumbimby.

The art I create is a reflection of my deep love of mythology and magic…I paint the inhabitants of my own inner world,  beings who also move in multidimensional outer worlds : oracles, seers, priestesses, obscure goddesses… heroines of strange tales and half-remembered dreams…It is as if they come close to a window that has opened temporarily into their world …

I also draw the beings I see and experience as part of my interaction with the nature and elementals of the amazing lands i live on, the hills of the Caldera  of the magnificent Wollumbin Volcano. My art expresses the way that I experience the specific natural frequencies of these lands, and the beings who emerge are beautiful, strange, sometimes frail, but always potent with natural power. They are earth guardians, inter-dimensional beings and their work is mysterious and subtle.

Most of these beings are accompanied by birds, mainly owls, often only their skulls. These skulls symbolize wisdom and knowledge and are receptacles of ancient powers. They are companions, allies, representatives of the Bird Tribes, while also symbolizing the transient nature of life on planet Earth.

My creative process involves using different combinations of watercolor, acrylics, colored pencil and graphite. Each medium has  its own special magic, so the intricate layering and merging of these results in a very intimate and personal process for each piece. I use paints and pigments created from particular minerals and crystals as much for their energetic properties as for their hues.

I feel a deep connection with the way art reveals and reflects the multi-layered contents of the psyche, becoming a mirror in which each sees one’s own reflection…becoming  gateways or portals to Inner worlds and other states of being…